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Old news: God’s memoir faces censorship

David Javerbaum, the former executive producer for a program I’ve never watched, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, wrote a satirical memoir of God’s life and has run into a bit of trouble selling it. I know. Inconceivable. The Last … Continue reading

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I may have to see Green Lantern after all

I don’t know why I go to comic-themed movies when I never read the comics in the first place but action is action and they tend to be fun. Now, I’m intrigued on a completely different level, though; I found … Continue reading

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It’s drafty in here (humour and offense)

I recently posted about a kid who was using her t-shirt at school to promote her faith and got in trouble over it. She got in trouble, not me. Just clarifying that. In the National Post at the end of … Continue reading

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Quotable Onion (and because everyone else is doing it)

I usually don’t enjoy satire as I am often not in on the joke, but for this recent article about perplexed Sumerians and God’s creation, I’m glad I can laugh with everyone else: “The Sumerian people must have found God’s … Continue reading

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ChristWire writer wants to buy a Canadian?

First, quoting from Amber in all her (hopefully) satirical glory. First there’s a bit of a tirade about Mexicans and then: Thinking about this, one thing popped into my mind. Why can’t I own a Canadian? Think about it. Racism … Continue reading

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Quotable Redhead

I know I should be original, but hell. I read this and thought this was fantastic. Why provide a mediocre post when I can pass this on: # More than 98 percent of convicted felons are bread users. # Fully … Continue reading

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I thought we had until 2012…

P.Z. Myers is spreading the word. Tomorrow is apparently it for us. It’s something to do with sine waves and jubilee eras and crazy ass math. The rapture approaches! Will your pets be okay when you’re gone to those pearly … Continue reading

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