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We came very close to crashing our car last night so thank the maker…

Of Kia auto parts, especially the brakes and steering system, and whichever company provided the snow tires. Apologies for forgetting your name…I must also thank the Hubs for his calm but urgent “Stop now, stop now, stop now” approach to … Continue reading

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Photo break

I still have interest in adding stuff to this blog, no worries if I have any regular readers, but I’ve given up on having a specific theme to every post, which has no doubt been noticed. Kidding, of course. I … Continue reading

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“Stem cell angels” says yoga instructor after getting vision back

Cool story out of Saskatoon. Go Science! Diagnosed with glaucoma in his left eye last year, Kevin Naidoo, watched his vision deteriorate and it was affecting his work at Yerrama Yoga Sanctuary in the city, which he owns. His father … Continue reading

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Dear Saskatoon city and Transit: please make up and be friends again…

Or, if not friends, at least find a workable compromise and get the buses running again. I’m glad we forked out for a better car this year. I can’t imagine trying to do all this running around from job to … Continue reading

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Don’t have time to write this morning

At least, not to the extent I like. Unrelated, but stressing me out already: Saskatoon Transit and the City are having a bit of a fight right now and no buses are running. We only have one car and the … Continue reading

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Saskatoon woman fears stoning if returned to Pakistan

Unfortunately, Jamila Bibi was sent to Toronto on the 16th of September to catch a flight home. The 65 year old originally came to Canada in 2007 to escape claims of adultery that she says are false, says her lawyer, … Continue reading

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Have some birds

I’m taking a blogging day off.

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Atheist Scruples: Let’s talk about sex, maybe…

You have adolescent children. An out-of-town friend is visiting with her new boyfriend. Do you let your guests sleep together? This is a two bedroom duplex so no. The kid has one room, we have the other. Any guests have … Continue reading

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I’m selfish and I’m a liar, but good news!

I’m being prayed for tonight. The Man dropped the Little Man off at his mom’s on the way to work today so I took the opportunity of a Sunday to myself to go to a movie (How to Train Your … Continue reading

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Sounds of Sunday – yesterday’s MoSo FEST concert

Saskatoon always has something going on and, like usual, I’m the last to know about it. Via the Star Phoenix: More than 50 international and local acts will take the stage at seven different venues across the city. The organizers … Continue reading

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