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The Saskatchewan Jazz Festival starts tonight

I bought tickets for Macy Gray and Bela Fleck and the Flecktones but that’ll be it for pricey venues. Several free stages will be running shows all week so maybe I’ll get a chance to catch some other artists. More … Continue reading

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Sounds of Sunday – 30 Day Song Challenge (condensed)

There’s this music meme circulating around Facebook (and possibly other places). Now, I could take a month and do a song a day or even spread this challenge out over thirty weeks, but I’m going to compromise and cheat with … Continue reading

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It was naive to assume Saskatoon was immune to the lun…

…acy that is Harold Camping and his end of the world followers. Friend and fellow Freethinker Koinosuke snapped this puppy while on Circle Drive. Anyone who can afford to pay the price can advertise on a billboard but I’d love … Continue reading

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Sick of your union dues? Become a Seventh-day Adventist

According to CBC, an unnamed 24 year old in Saskatoon successfully used her faith as justification to skip joining the Saskatchewan Government and General Employees’ Union that everyone else at the Open Door Society (a non-profit organization that helps people … Continue reading

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To Dial-Up Land I go again

To Dial-Up Land I go again To family not seen. As usual my posts shall be, then, Few and far between. Still, I’ll write a little when there is time or inclination. Only one or up to ten — depends … Continue reading

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Darwin Day officially recognized in Saskatchewan

I quote from Saskatchewan Skeptics and Dale, the one from our group who wrote the letter requesting the province make this move: Donna Harpauer, the Saskatchewan Minister of Education is recognizing Feb. 12 as Darwin Day in Saskatchewan. The organizers … Continue reading

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I like this headline: “Caught between God and Gomorrah”

It’s out of the National Post regarding a court case in Saskatchewan that involves religious marriage commissioners and whether or not they can use that excuse to refuse to perform gay marriages. Short answer, they can’t. Gay rights always trump … Continue reading

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Hope you had a good excuse for missing Philosophy in the Community

Like, not living in Saskatoon. Otherwise, where the heck were ya? Mind you, the room was filled to capacity anyway, so more people would have been a fire hazard. Last night a hundred or so people crammed into the St. … Continue reading

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Religions aside, it’s all for a good cause…

Couple different stories – one away, one local. Praise bands got together for a food fundraiser recently in the Mississippi Valley. “It’s important, helping all of the people who are not as fortunate as we are,” Jacob Canty, 15, of … Continue reading

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Yes, Jesus is the reason a tornado wrecked your house

Local reporting this time, a quote from CBC News regarding the recent twister that left twisted wreckage in a reservation not far from Saskatoon. Candace Rosling’s home was destroyed. She said she and her family hid in the basement as … Continue reading

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