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A question of atheist scruples – affairs of the heart

Been a while, but I’m snagging a question from my ’90s edition of the game: You are very attracted to someone who is happily married. You have no attachments. Do you explore the possibilities? Only in my fantasies. I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Question of Atheist Scruples – this sounds like a sit-com

Soon after hitting it off with someone special s/he has to leave town for a few months. Meanwhile, a new opportunity arises. Do you remain faithful? (I don’t watch the show anymore but I’m reminded of that scene in Big … Continue reading

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I don’t think there is such a thing as a soul mate

I get the thrill of the concept, of course. There’s a lot of romance built around the idea that there’s only one person for everyone and it’s only a matter of meeting..somehow, somewhere… Hell, much of Hollywood has grown rich … Continue reading

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Interesting slice of relationship spam today

…or from some other day. I don’t check that can of spam very often to see how much is in there. But, one of the spammy things referred to a post of mine getting linked to getyourexbacktogether.net and notice I’m … Continue reading

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This quiz claims I’m internetly younger than I really am.

For kicks I took an Internet Age quiz. Results: Internet Age: 126.4 Internet years (*) Internet Birthday: 4 September 2001 The asterisk is to let quiztakers know that internet time passes differently than real time, a fact I can attest … Continue reading

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Thou shalt not con the faithful lovelorn…

..is not one of the commandments. Thou shalt not steal is, though, so at least they’re busted for that one. I found out about this via USA Today but I’ll be pulling my quotes out of the original article from … Continue reading

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Another holiday song delight

I think you can tell a lot about a person by the music they like. I found this tune last Christmas, I think, but a peppier upbeat jazzy version by Joe Williams that I suggest people hunt for. This version … Continue reading

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Romance is dead, long live Romance

I’m taking a thought from Thinkers’ Podium for this one. Reading through Bruce’s post got me thinking about my own Sturm und Drang. I really think I’m better off flying solo. Yeah, it gets a bit lonely sometimes, but I’ve … Continue reading

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Shocked by the bible – even I didn’t know that was in there!

All in all, I think it’s good to pace myself when it comes to reviewing books. Quick mention — I have no intention of actually reading the book called Shocked by the Bible by Joe Kovacs because the articles written … Continue reading

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There are better books than the bible, IMHO

It was “Bring your Bible to Work Day” yesterday in the UK, apparently. A recent survey there discovered people were less embarrassed to be seen reading the “holy book” than a romance novel. Twenty five per cent of the 1,008 … Continue reading

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