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1minion reads Book of Dust

Been a while, but the Hubs (once called the Man, before the big M=marriage of 2013) commented recently that it’s been a while since I put anything on here. He’s totally right. So, since I’m just sitting here waiting for … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples: the one star friend

You are a restaurant critic. A good friend owns a restaurant and asks you to review it. The food is mediocre. Do you say so in the review? Being an honest sort of person, I think I’d have to be … Continue reading

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Memo to self: promote more books

As evidenced by the “massive” upticks in hits today, it’s clear that book promotion has a big influence on traffic. I prefer those hits over the many searches for “Helen Keller satanist” that have also led to me. I’m grateful … Continue reading

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Book of the week: Dear Luke, we need to talk. Dad (Darth)

My Sweetie is busting a gut behind me reading this treasure trove of silliness from author John Moe. Read bits of it here to whet your appetite for purchase or borrowing from your local library. A sampling: Indeed. I look … Continue reading

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Read the book, see the movie: The Picture of Dorian Gray

I’m in a Banned Book Club as part of my local Centre for Inquiry group and have been for several years. I used to report on the books we’d been reading and I think I’ll start that up again. This … Continue reading

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Got another “Wanna read this book?” offer

My Banned Book Club read Vernon God Little last February (note to self: finish write up about last week’s book already!!) and Julia of Rare Bird Lit has offered to send me a copy of JOHNNY FUTURE by Steve Abee, … Continue reading

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So I read Deborah Feldman’s book “UNorthodox”

It was released by Simon and Schuster recently and was a pretty quick but interesting read. Feldman grew up in Brooklyn as part of the Williamsburg Hasidic community and has written a memoir based on that life and the steps … Continue reading

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Would you consider this a pro-creationist dinosaur game?

I would. (edit Feb 12/2012 laugh and a half: read the first comment.) Regular readers know I never do game reviews but I felt like remarking on this one. The game’s called Dino Panic and it’s from GodSeeD Studios, a … Continue reading

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Churches would love all youth to see Soul Surfer

Not just because Bethany Hamilton’s story of triumph over adversity is admirable, but because the makers of the film (and her parents themselves) made sure the audience would know just how wonderfully Christian she is, thus should use the movie … Continue reading

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Saw “Let Me In” yesterday

I wrote a little about the movie that inspired it when it came out last year. I think this new English version is an adequate remake but it fell apart for me every time they resorted to very shitty CG … Continue reading

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