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People can absorb energy from others? NO!

Via Facebook and the Idealist page, I find this link to Earth We Are One. They don’t like people copy/pasting which means I have to type it out. No big. First they claim “science confirms that people can absorb energy … Continue reading

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How to bend a study to the will of the woo

I found this via Science Dump on Facebook and tsk tsk to them linking to this silly write up instead of the original article from Live Science (a proper link is in there, though).  The LS article does not declare that beloved pets … Continue reading

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The universe is not trying to tell you anything

The website YouCantBreakMe threw this article under the entertainment section. It’s entertaining, all right, and also eye rolling. If you see repeating numbers (like on a digital clock – 11:11) it means the universe has message for you! Did you … Continue reading

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It’s not news, it’s olds.. or is it?

Somewhat unsurprising results from a recent survey of media use reported by Media Post: The study released by Sharethrough and Qualtrics, which surveyed more than 1,000 Americans, found that only a third of Americans trust news accessed via Twitter and … Continue reading

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Do animals have a religion? I ask, how would that help them?

I was poking around online for post ideas and came by a page at News 24. This particular part of their site is open to users to pose questions and other users to comment on them. The user writing this … Continue reading

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Ebola is not a “curse from god”

We should really be thankful that more diseases don’t transfer between species, frankly. Many plagues and disease outbreaks had an animal origin. Horrible though it is, it’s just one of those viruses people get because we live around animals and … Continue reading

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Scientific American has an article about atheists and trust

Specifically how we aren’t generally trusted. According to the article, Will Gervais, Ara Norenzayan and colleagues at the University of British Columbia sorted through the results of several different studies showing how atheists tend to be the least trusted groups. … Continue reading

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