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Does God care about Football? Rider fan nun thinks so

There’s something football related going on. Apparently Saskatoon’s Mayor, Charlie Clark, has announced that Friday, November 17 is Green Shirt Day in honour of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Not that I find website proof of this statement anywhere, nor do I … Continue reading

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10 questions for every atheist part 2

I found out about the list here and the original set of questions. I haven’t even read the answers given at maasaiboys because I didn’t want to look like a copy-cat. Answers 6-10:

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Pareidolia hair

Looks more like OOOO to me… Kristin Kissee says her hairstyle is divine. As she recovered from rounds of chemotherapy and radiation in a battle against non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Kissee posted a photo to Facebook of her regrown hair in November … Continue reading

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“The Turtle Moves…”

I can’t resist a Terry Pratchett quote when the opportunity arises. This is really about the senseless killing of a tortoise by a Uganda police officer, however. After Onegiu had killed the tortoise, a group of people belonging to the … Continue reading

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Nate Phelps gave an interesting talk last night

He gave the audience a run down of his upbringing under the demanding and watchful eyes of Fred Phelps, creator of the Westboro Baptist Church. He described some of the abuse he and his mother and siblings went through when … Continue reading

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The moral: be careful what you preach because the internet can quote you…

…verbatim via video. Pastor Sean Harris spoke recently at an event in North Carolina meant to promote the ban on same sex marriage. It was recorded for posterity, of course, and he is caught on video suggesting more than a … Continue reading

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Christian coffee house offers free brew…but not really

Getting patrons to pay their souls into Christ’s coffer is their overall ambition. Matt Brown and Matt Ball have opened a small coffee shop at Oklahoma State University and everything they need to run it has been supplied by a … Continue reading

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Kentucky church rethinks interracial couple ban

There’s nothing like world-wide exposure to show a community just how out of date, backwards and positively racist its practices are. The story came out last week about Stella Harville’s experience in August. At her rural Kentucky church, she and … Continue reading

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Sports can be religions but do fans take faith in players too far?

I don’t know if that’ll feel like a misleading post title later on, but it’s a decent question all the same. I was going to write about this story this morning but wasn’t sure I felt like delving into the … Continue reading

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Art can be an enlightening emotional experience…

even when it’s tacky as all get out. Andrew Brown at the Guardian has a short post about bad Jesus art, a topic I can’t seem to leave alone. He includes a link to Ship of Fools and their Gadgets … Continue reading

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