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Apropos Atheist Scruples: finally!

I didn’t read every card and hope for something topical. I just grab whatever but today’s question is a good one for an atheist blog. Your 10-year-old has visited a relative who belongs to a small religious sect. Now the … Continue reading

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“We all have a desire for heaven” — Wanna rethink that statement?

It’s time to read Billy Graham’s mail again. Why do you think most people still believe in some kind of life after death, even if they aren’t particularly religious or don’t think very much about it? — E.A. Because without … Continue reading

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Yes, but the Maori weren’t always Christian…

Prior to 1769, they faithfully followed the beliefs and traditions of their ancestors. They’re only Christian now because European explorers wound up there and radically changed their lives and the course of their future. The “focal role of Christian faith … Continue reading

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Not sure if the prayer wheel made me more compassionate…

but I did do good things for friends in a bind last night. They had car trouble and I was the only one with the time and ability to drive back and forth across town for them while they tried … Continue reading

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A story is told, the drama unfolds, and newspapers are sold…

Or at least read online for free. Sometimes I like looking at a variety of sources to read their coverage on, shall we say, an “incident” regarding displays of faith. Last week, British papers got wind of a good one. … Continue reading

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“Once, just once, I’d like to be able to land someplace and say, ‘Behold, I am the Archangel Gabriel'”

“I fail to see the humor in that situation, Doctor.” “Naturally. You could hardly claim to be an angel with those pointed ears, Mister Spock. But say you landed someplace with a pitchfork…” I’m a Star Trek fan from way … Continue reading

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One question about this Christmas ad

I’m not knocking it. In fact I love it. It’s from a bus ad campaign running in Ireland. I just wonder: how sharp is a halo? Picture Mary, presumably about to deliver this boy in the nature God intended. Nothing … Continue reading

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