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Best explanation yet for Shroud of Turin

Yes, it’s Christmastime not Easter, but I was listening to the back catalogue of a podcast while at work called History Today and wanted to look into the story again once I had a chnace. From 2014 and the Guardian: … Continue reading

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Anecdotal evidence is only evidence of anecdotes

“Thousands of miracles” reads part of the CBC headline: Oleskiw opened a prayer centre in her home in 2007, but the origins of that effort date from many years before that. In 1976, Oleskiw was a journeyman carpenter — the … Continue reading

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The Maitreye Project Heart Shrine Relic Tour hits Saskatoon Public Library

In case you’re in or around Saskatoon this weekend and want to pop in: Friday: 10am to 5pm Saturday: 10am to 5pm Sunday: 1pm to 4pm Downstairs in Room 3 and the theatre at Frances Morrison Library, 311-23rd Street East. … Continue reading

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Thief caught attempting to sell rare Jesus art

“Frosty” had been storing the linen painting in a cupboard in his motor home, wrapped up in a bag. It had been a gift twenty years previous. His caretaker, Kelly Ghormley, learned of it somehow, knew it’d be worth a … Continue reading

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“I love cannibals!” I mean, Catholics…

Eat of my body, drink of my blood… The whole mass tradition winds up sounding kind of creepy. Cannibalism has an interesting history though and remains a fascinating intellectual exercise. For some other time, though. When Catholics aren’t symbolically eating … Continue reading

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Christ’s crucifixion nails have been found (again)

I know, I know. Just in time for Easter, right? Must be true then. an Israeli television journalist has produced a pair of nails he says may have been used to crucify Jesus Christ. “We’re not saying these are the … Continue reading

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I’d love to see the Treasures of Heaven exhibit in London

I’m fascinated by the concept of religious relics. I doubt the validity of any claim put to them about their origins but I love the fact that people have hung onto an old thorn simply because they thought Jesus bled … Continue reading

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