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Instead of doing something useful…

I find this: see more Historic LOL

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The world hasn’t ended, therefore prayer works!

I am, of course, being facetious. The world never was going to end and fervent prayer isn’t the reason why some invisible higher power stayed his hand. The whole idea of predicting an end time is a complete and total … Continue reading

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The Palmdale prophecy that failed

Somehow I missed this story when it first broke last week: Officers had been searching a wide swath of southern California since Saturday after family members found letters saying the group was awaiting an apocalyptic event and would soon see … Continue reading

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Biblical “Scholars” say funny things

Like this thing: Whenever speaker and author Gary Frazier goes on a radio show to talk about the “end times,” he knows he’s going to get calls heckling him. “The climate in the world is just like it was in … Continue reading

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Brand new year, same old news stories

Like when the rapture is happening. According to 88 year old biblical math major idiot, Harold Camping, it’s really happening May 21, 2011: Camping, 88, has scrutinized the Bible for almost 70 years and says he has developed a mathematical … Continue reading

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Entertainment break

Yesterday’s post was grimmer than I like doing so I’m not going to mock Rapture 2009 today like I’d intended. You can giggle at their salvation prayer page on your own time. I’ll just point out that Hebrew is read … Continue reading

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Did the world’s population drop much today?

I never noticed anyone being called into the heavens, so I guess the Rapture prediction for today was, as usual, an “End is Nigh!” lie. Better luck next time you ask the Magic 8 Ball, gang. Today, “All Signs Point … Continue reading

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I thought we had until 2012…

P.Z. Myers is spreading the word. Tomorrow is apparently it for us. It’s something to do with sine waves and jubilee eras and crazy ass math. The rapture approaches! Will your pets be okay when you’re gone to those pearly … Continue reading

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