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Think, think.. use your noodle

Or whatever other appendage… (via)

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Tired of living out of boxes

The move to our new place went well but there’s still a pile of unpacking to do, mostly my computer related stuff, ornaments and entertainment. I’ve run out of shelving, unfortunately, so I have to shop around for some cheap … Continue reading

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The more things change…

the more things stay the same? Well, sometimes. The Man and I are changing things up a bit. We’ll still own the same stuff, but where we store it all is changing. We’ve opted on renting a duplex in the … Continue reading

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Having a relaxing long weekend

Hence no real posts. Back to Scruples on Tuesday, though. Posting might be sporadic; I’m going to have a busy couple weeks but I’ll explain why later.

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I get a kick out of church sign advice

Pithy, no? It’s off a local church sign I drive by once in a while. I gather it’s a dig at the “no atheists in foxholes” kind of mentality, that notion that people are prone to calling on a higher … Continue reading

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Sounds of Monday (something completely different)

The Man’s into music making. Be a dear and go check out his stuff. Kthnxbye

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So, what have I missed?

Everything interesting, no doubt. I go through phases where I want little to do with my computer and lack the gumption to write much of anything or read what others have been writing. Colour me lazy. I don’t mind; it’s … Continue reading

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When life gives you lemons, squeeze the s#%t out of them?

I haven’t been in the mood to update this for a few days. I’ve been mildly stressed out while waiting to hear word about my library job. I’ve been working in a full-time term for more than 3 years and … Continue reading

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Still having home internet trouble

but hopefully I’ll get that sorted after work today and be back to posting more often. Stupid DSL box just blinks as if the phone cord isn’t plugged in. Methinks it’s time to check into wireless.

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Grr, Argh, Technology…

My home internet connection had a malfunction yesterday so I’ve had to drag my computer down to the library in order to take advantage of their free wi-fi. Luckily I went with a laptop when I chose a new computer … Continue reading

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