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God-fearing: how is this a good thing?

I wound up at gotquestions.org when looking up the notion of god-fearing. As an unbeliever it sounds ludicrious to want to be afraid of your own god, unless the whole point of promoting fear is to promote unwavering loyalty and … Continue reading

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Proof Harry Potter books are good for children

The Harry Potter series wound up being such a divisive force in the world when it was published and still makes headlines today. It’s been lauded as fantastic literature and condemned for promotion of magical thinking — at least in … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples: the business agreement

Today’s question: You’ve agreed verbally to a business deal when you get a much better offer. Do you back out of the deal? Memo to self: email the auto dealer we spoke to yesterday and let him know we went … Continue reading

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Reading Billy Graham’s mail

Billy deals with this question this time around: You preachers are always saying we need to change our behavior and become better people, but I don’t agree. I think we need to learn to accept ourselves just as we are … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples: do your (jury) duty

Today’s question: You are interviewed for jury duty. It will be a long and tedious trial. Do you pretend to have opinions which will disqualify you? I’d say I don’t have to pretend. I wouldn’t say this to avoid jury … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples: the alibi

Today’s scenario: A good friend is having an extramarital affair. S/he asks you to provide an alibi. Do you? Short answer, I wouldn’t want to have to lie to anyone. I suck as a liar. I’d need to ask a … Continue reading

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Here we are now, entertain us

I found an interesting article out of the Guardian this week. Psychologists at Virginia and Harvard universities reported on the results of several recent studies that were geared toward testing people on their ability to occupy themselves with no distractions. … Continue reading

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