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A Question of Atheist Scruples – Round 3

I’m getting a kick out of doing this. Some of the questions out of this old Scruples game are a bit absurd and others leave too many options open for answers, but overall it’s getting interesting. Here are today’s ethical … Continue reading

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“…a crass and pathetic attempt to gain publicity.

As such, it really should be ignored.” I’m quoting from the Baptist Press and their article about the Backyard Skeptics, a group in California that chose today to point to the bible’s most immoral passages and symbolically do something about … Continue reading

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A good motto for anyone: “Drop the hate, have a doughnut”

We’d all be fat, but happier maybe… Anyway, that was what Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll offered the Westboro Baptist Church when he found out they’d be picketing at Mars Hill Church’s Federal Way campus in Auburn, Washington. USA Today quotes … Continue reading

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Sports fanatic makes a fumble, gets a headline

It’d be a funnier headline if the sport in question was actually football, but I didn’t think a baseball joke would fly… Sorry, I don’t really speak Sport. I like watching baseball sometimes but I don’t know any player names … Continue reading

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