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So Camping just “misunderstood” the kind of Judgement?

He’s still attempting to still cash in on his latest apocalypse fumble. Justifying all previously failed doomsday predictions, Harold Camping has said that God did come in 1994 and that He has come this time too for the final ‘judgement’. … Continue reading

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Are prophecies more likely to appeal to gamblers?

I don’t have any stats to back that up but it’d be interesting to investigate, wouldn’t it? Maybe someone qualified will consider tracking that after May 21st. If researchers go back into the lives of people fleeced (and possibly bankrupted) … Continue reading

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When Judgment Day is not in May, will the Camping trip be over?

I missed this story when it came out but journalists from CNN joined a group of people on their way to a festival in Florida. They left every possession behind, and their families, to caravan around the States until the … Continue reading

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It alarms me how people crave the end of the world

There’s a group in the States that threw money at billboard companies in Omaha, Nashville and Detroit to advertise the Second Coming. The Christmas-themed ads featuring images of the three magi and the star of Bethlehem tell people that “He … Continue reading

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