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Question of Atheist Scruples – student atheist edition

Nice! Your 15-year-old refuses to stand and repeat the Lord’s Prayer at school. She says she is an atheist. Do you support her right to refuse? Fuck yeah. I’m reminded of a news article from earlier this year here in … Continue reading

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“Stem cell angels” says yoga instructor after getting vision back

Cool story out of Saskatoon. Go Science! Diagnosed with glaucoma in his left eye last year, Kevin Naidoo, watched his vision deteriorate and it was affecting his work at Yerrama Yoga Sanctuary in the city, which he owns. His father … Continue reading

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When parents pick prayer over health care

Children die, of course. This tragedy occurred in 2013 but is in Calgary court now. According to testimony, Emil and Rodica Radita returned from church to find their 15-year-old son not breathing. They waited 2 whole fucking hours before calling … Continue reading

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Alert the media: atheists are kicking god out of public school (again)

I don’t know what these kinds of Americans love more, their god or their guns. Suggest quite reasonably that they leave either one at home and prepare yourself for accusations of being unAmerican and ignorant of the constitution. Well, I … Continue reading

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Billy Graham takes on illness and prayer

And probably not for the first time, but here’s the question as posed. DEAR BILLY GRAHAM: What good does it do to pray for someone who’s facing a serious health crisis? They’ll either get better or they won’t, depending on … Continue reading

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Apparently Canada had an “abortion storm”

First I heard of it. Breaking Christian News has the details, such as they are. The rumbling thunderclouds appeared in May when Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau declared that only pro-choice candidates would be allowed to run in the party’s … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples 2014: cheaper meals if you pray?

Not an out-of-the-box question here but an actual article. Should the owner of a restaurant give discounts to diners if the wait staff sees them pray publicly before their meals? I say no. I say that’s special treatment, discriminatory and … Continue reading

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