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Quotable comment: help the poor (somehow) with Jesus

This comment was left on a post recently but it has nothing to do with the post itself so instead of replying with a comment there, I made a new post to share my thoughts on it. Help the poor … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples: the business agreement

Today’s question: You’ve agreed verbally to a business deal when you get a much better offer. Do you back out of the deal? Memo to self: email the auto dealer we spoke to yesterday and let him know we went … Continue reading

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Banned Book Club – American Psycho

The plot of Bret Easton Ellis’ book if anyone needs it: The protagonist of the book is Patrick Bateman, an intelligent and good-looking stockbroker whose major cares involve what designer clothes he has on, what women to sleep with, how … Continue reading

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Religions aside, it’s all for a good cause…

Couple different stories – one away, one local. Praise bands got together for a food fundraiser recently in the Mississippi Valley. “It’s important, helping all of the people who are not as fortunate as we are,” Jacob Canty, 15, of … Continue reading

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The Christchurch earthquake “miracle”

God gets a bit of credit for not killing anybody during that 7.1 quake but the Times article also mentions that it hit during the night while people were sleeping. God must love Kiwi’s more then, because the one in … Continue reading

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It’s drafty in here (If you were part of a societial science experiment, would you want to be told?)

I’ve been going through my draft folder digging out the stuff I’m still interested in writing about. CNN posted an interesting article (and video) regarding Esther Duflo. I hadn’t heard of her before, but she’s critical of the current situation … Continue reading

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I’m hungry, so I write about food

Still technically on hiatus, but I got to thinking about a book I’d been reading. I had to bring it back to the library, sadly, but I’ve every intention of requesting it again so I can finish it. I’d gotten … Continue reading

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“disabled children are God’s punishment”

That’s the voiced opinion of a Virginia State Delegate, Bob Marshall. He’s of the mindset that disabled kids happen because their moms aborted their first kids and now God’s punishing those moms. He made that statement Thursday at a press … Continue reading

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When deciding to help the poor and downtrodden…

…do it for them. Not for yourself, so you can feel heroic. Not for your wife so she can brag to her bridge club. Not for your parents or someone you admire that thinks you ought to. Do it because … Continue reading

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Drunk on the holy spirit, or just drunk?

I’m vaguely amused to discover a church has been opened that runs like a bar. Or is this a bar that runs like a church? On Sunday, about a dozen people gathered around a few tables. One woman sipped a … Continue reading

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