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Your god is a trickster god: new miracle lake may be radioactive

Well, that’s a bummer. Gafsa, Tunisia has been in drought conditions for a while so when a lake turned up three weeks ago, seemingly from nowhere, residents were thrilled. Since then, hundreds of people have flocked to the oasis-like formation … Continue reading

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If suffering gets you closer to god…

…maybe that’s the point of drinking from the Jordan River as Christians commemorate the beginning of Christ’s ministry at his supposed baptismal site: At the site, thousands of pilgrims filled plastic water bottles with water they believe is holy. Some … Continue reading

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Proof this so-called “God” has no power whatsoever

The river Jesus was supposedly baptized in has become so polluted due to drought and human habitation that visitors to this sacred area may soon be denied the same experience. The site where tradition holds Jesus was baptized is in … Continue reading

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