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52% of people polled think God is A-OK

It’s a slim majority but apparently it’s the number of people polled who think that if God exists, he’s doing a fine job running the universe. “When asked to evaluate God on some of the issues it is responsible for, … Continue reading

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51% is not most; barely half of those surveyed believed in a god

18% are reported to have no beliefs of that nature and the rest (17%) remain undecided, according to a recent survey done in Britain that spanned 23 countries and polled over 18,000 people. Similar results occurred with questions about an … Continue reading

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Found a poll for fans of Pham’s Jesus

The question reads, “Should St. Paul force Tuan Pham to take down the statue that rises 17 feet and violates zoning rules?” with two choices: Yes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s yard junk or a religious icon, it has to … Continue reading

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Where’s The Doctor when you need him?

I’m sure the giant blob of goo off the coast of Alaska has alien origins, but it’s not one of the poll choices, dammit all. But, “sea monster” is a choice so at least someone on staff’s got a bit … Continue reading

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Where hope for the future went

It went to Russia. Pravda is offering an entertaining insight into just what Russians consider must-haves for the forthcoming century – a list which naturally includes flying cars, cheap space travel and the elixir of eternal youth. A poll by … Continue reading

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