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A Minion’s Tale – a reread of Handmaid’s Tale

Met up with the banned book club to discuss this book Thursday night. Largely positive thoughts about the storytelling approach presented, but let me see what all I remember — a theme within the book by Margaret Atwood that we … Continue reading

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Rebel Barbie

I’m reminded of a thing a few years back where Barbie had a book where she supposedly is showing that girls can be computer engineers. By having the boys do the work for her. Steven and Brian are nice guys, … Continue reading

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Today’s Found on Facebook – the Vati”can”

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Depressing but not surprising: religious areas lead to less scientific thought

At least, fewer ideas and inventions patented.: in a recent paper, Princeton economist Roland BĂ©nabou and two colleagues unveiled a surprising finding that would at least appear to bolster the “conflict” camp: Both across countries and also across US states, … Continue reading

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The One Minion Search Party: “Does god hate women?”

A couple hits for this question this week. Not for the first time, I look toward Religious Tolerance for an evenhanded approach to answering this one. It offers many examples out of the old testament that illustrate the low status … Continue reading

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If it’s not a curse, then Ebola is God’s way of ridding the earth of atheists…

and abortionists and homosexuals and promiscuity in general. At least, if Rick Wiles can be believed. (News flash: he can’t.) He’s a talk show host for something called Trunews and has become convinced that Ebola will cleanse the earth and … Continue reading

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I’m glad I don’t live in Saudi Arabia

Not just because I’m a woman, but let’s face it, I’m a woman. And if a woman in Britain whose face and hair shows on Saudi TV freaks those fundamentalists out, I’m very grateful to live in Canada unfilmed by … Continue reading

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