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Turkey time in Dial-Up Land

like every other year I take a little holiday– fill up on family cheer. The weather will be fine the food will be divine and posts will soon resume — don’t fear! (via)

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Holiday weekend in Dial Up Land

Nothing much for posts are planned. Instead it’s quiet time with folks who may or may not share good jokes So back to blogging for sure on Monday Hope the weekend has a sun day or three before the cold … Continue reading

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Quotable royal wedding commentary

I didn’t get up in the middle of my night to watch Kate and William wed so I missed hearing them sing “And Did Those Feet in Ancient Times?” at the end. The following, by Colin McEnroe, is about that. … Continue reading

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I missed “Poem in your pocket day”

Dagnabit. It was on April 14th. I found out about this through Digital Cuttlefish, but is it now too late to properly participate? Alas, there is a lack of calendars to track this type of information. Oh, what am I … Continue reading

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To Dial-Up Land I go again

To Dial-Up Land I go again To family not seen. As usual my posts shall be, then, Few and far between. Still, I’ll write a little when there is time or inclination. Only one or up to ten — depends … Continue reading

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God loves poetry? No wonder people keep looking for what rhymes with Jesus

Via Melvillehouse Publishing I learn of a group trying to bring good out of the vitriol spewed by Westboro Baptist Church. Using the press releases published by the WBC, the poets erase the words they don’t want and what’s left … Continue reading

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When you’re writing poetry instead of sleeping..

you may as well turn on the computer and share the damned thing. Resurrect the past? I can’t. Why? Because a moment does not last and every blink of eye takes it further away. Even though my brain pretends it … Continue reading

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