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Banana Jesus

Anytime a shape resembling a face turns up on anything, people are going to say it’s Jesus. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this is pretty unoriginal. Says the author of the piece I’ve linked to: If … Continue reading

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If your teacher’s scared of science…

I feel sorry for every kid in the class. Dr Mark Spencer, who rose to fame after appearing on the BBC’s Museum of Life series, said teachers ‘scream at the sight of insects’ and are ‘frightened of handling soil’. In … Continue reading

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I’m not a scientist, but…

I still think I can still offer some commentary on Olivia Judson’s take on an Evolve-By Date. I’ve written before about what an important book it was and why it mattered so much, so I won’t do that again now. … Continue reading

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Had another photo day

and they’re up for browsing on my photostream.

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New fotos on flickr

Somebody’s already made a favourite out of this one: Go see the rest. Not that I’m forcing you or anything…

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