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Maybe a picture does capture a soul…

If this small study can be believed, photos tell far more about the people in them than just what they look like. 113 people, plus a few close friends of each, filled out forms outlining personality traits. Then the 113 … Continue reading

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I wondered when people would sue Wal-mart again

I love the reason they’re doing it this time – an employee from the photo department called the cops on a family that took bath-time photos of their children. Then Arizona Child Protective Services was called to take the kids … Continue reading

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Got creative..

New header will be up until I get bored of it, probably. I liked the wordy one I had previously, but it needs redoing. This one could use more tweaking, too, but I got tired. I need to do more … Continue reading

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The One Minion Search Party, volume 28

I’ve probably said it before, but I really don’t get how the searches, as broad (or weird) as they are, generate hits here. Somebody looks for “funny” or “babies” or “chinese eat baby soup” or “angel statue with arm broken … Continue reading

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Human ingenuity leads to great invention

Two MIT students got it into their heads to find a way to get a camera into space to take cool pictures, without breaking a budget. What they wound up with was a $20 weather balloon, $30 worth of helium, … Continue reading

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Pig Major?

I’m sure someone else thought it up to describe this story: a photographer intending on studying sharks underwater found out about a Caribbean island beach with a colony of feral pigs on it that love to go swimming and stopped … Continue reading

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Second batch of pics from yesterday

I didn’t realize the Forestry Farm had a butterfly habitat until I was ready to leave. So, I used up the last of the space on my SD card to take a few photos in there. Check out the rest … Continue reading

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Had another photo day

and they’re up for browsing on my photostream.

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New fotos on flickr

Somebody’s already made a favourite out of this one: Go see the rest. Not that I’m forcing you or anything…

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Prairie pictures up for perusal

I took my camera out to Cranberry Flats and Beaver Creek, two conservation areas south of Saskatoon. Most of the pictures turned out pretty well, but some I thought would didn’t. Apparently I need more skill with focal points or … Continue reading

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