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Did the Chilean miners agree to be walking advertisements?

Oakley donated sunglasses to every miner so they could come into the light protected and looking fashionable. People are complaining about Oakley’s self-promotion of their range of high tech eyewear ($180 and up). I think it’s crass but not entirely … Continue reading

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I knew I forgot to do something last night…

I completely intended to take in the Philosophy in the Community lecture on the topic of “Do Animals Have Minds?” Balls. Instead, I hung out with my new atheist friend, Jimmy, and drank beer. Had I been thinking, though, I … Continue reading

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Hope you had a good excuse for missing Philosophy in the Community

Like, not living in Saskatoon. Otherwise, where the heck were ya? Mind you, the room was filled to capacity anyway, so more people would have been a fire hazard. Last night a hundred or so people crammed into the St. … Continue reading

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Tackling a New York Times opinion on atheism and religion

I like the story told about Bertrand Russell at the start of this piece by Tim Crane. There is a story about Bertrand Russell giving a public lecture somewhere or other, defending his atheism. A furious woman stood up at … Continue reading

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There’s no such thing as a “dictatorship of relativism”

This might be old news to people who get BBC News when it’s new, but we colonists might not hear these reports until someone feels like setting them up to run a second time during BBC Overnight on CBC Radio … Continue reading

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My freethinker group is blogging a book

I guess this means I now have to read it. Well, finish reading it. Saskatoon Freethinkers started a small book group last year to discuss Reason and Religious Belief: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion by Michael Peterson et … Continue reading

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“To forbid us anything is to make us have a mind for it.”

Today my Freedom to Read Week quote comes from Michel De Montaigne, a 16th century French philosopher (sometimes labeled a humanist one), whose major work was a series of essays across a range of topics and interests. Critical studies of … Continue reading

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Freethinker Book Club – faith, reason, and the religious experience

My Freethinker club started a book discussion group and we had the first meet yesterday. The book we’re reading is called Reason & Religious Belief: an introduction to the philosophy of religion. Our book group leader, a philosophy professor at … Continue reading

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More about Haiti, also: why I’m not a philosopher

A quotable Facebook comment (not one of mine) in regards to Haiti and Why does God Allow Natural Disasters? “Allow”? Funny, as there was a time when theists were certain that their god actually *caused* these so-called “Acts of God”. … Continue reading

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The trouble with bedrock beliefs…

..would be their inability to change without applying great force. I can’t say I see that as a good thing, unlike columnist Rebecca Hagelin at the Washington Post in a recent piece. “Of course I dislike the Nazis. But who … Continue reading

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