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Philosophy in the Community takes on morality tonight

Professor Emer O’Hagan will be asking, “Do We Lack Moral Character?” If you’re in or around Saskatoon and want to take this in, the talk starts at 7pm, St. James Church basement (by The Refinery), 609 Dufferin Ave. More information … Continue reading

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The domestication and alienation of women

Philosophy in the Community has a lecture at the Refinery in Saskatoon tomorrow night on the topic of: “Domestic Bliss?: The Problem of Housework and Alienation” Is domestic labour inherently tedious, boring, and unfulfilling or is it just that way … Continue reading

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Yes, Newsweek should have not titled their piece “Sam Harris believes in God”

It’s tricky wordplay and not fair to the mindset Harris is trying to describe. Harris’s true obsession, then, is not God but consciousness, the idea that the human mind can be taught—trained, rationally—to be more loving, more generous, less egocentric … Continue reading

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Did the Chilean miners agree to be walking advertisements?

Oakley donated sunglasses to every miner so they could come into the light protected and looking fashionable. People are complaining about Oakley’s self-promotion of their range of high tech eyewear ($180 and up). I think it’s crass but not entirely … Continue reading

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I knew I forgot to do something last night…

I completely intended to take in the Philosophy in the Community lecture on the topic of “Do Animals Have Minds?” Balls. Instead, I hung out with my new atheist friend, Jimmy, and drank beer. Had I been thinking, though, I … Continue reading

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Hope you had a good excuse for missing Philosophy in the Community

Like, not living in Saskatoon. Otherwise, where the heck were ya? Mind you, the room was filled to capacity anyway, so more people would have been a fire hazard. Last night a hundred or so people crammed into the St. … Continue reading

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Tackling a New York Times opinion on atheism and religion

I like the story told about Bertrand Russell at the start of this piece by Tim Crane. There is a story about Bertrand Russell giving a public lecture somewhere or other, defending his atheism. A furious woman stood up at … Continue reading

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