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ARRRR, Talk Like a Pirate Day arrives again…

And this time I got advanced warning from a friend on Facebook. Usually I don’t remember until it’s too late to dress for it. September 19th. How hard is that? (ship via) And now, some pirate and pasta jokes. It’s … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Pastafarian wears colander in official photo

For the truly dedicated like Shawna Hammond, the colander represents the freedom of religion. I usually wind up finding British papers reporting on this type of story and the same is true here. The Mirror reports: Atheist turned Pastafarian Shawna … Continue reading

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BC Pastafarian seeks to wear colander for driver’s licence photo

Obi Canuel is an ordained minister in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and he made the request this year but so far has been denied. The Insurance Corporation of B.C told him ‚Äúthere is no religious requirement that … Continue reading

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