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Question of Atheist Scruples – real life edition

An ex reaches out with this suggestion — what would you think of donating sperm? A bit of anonymous backstory — Relationships can be complicated and long lasting, even if the participants aren’t really in each other’s social circles anymore. … Continue reading

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Question of Atheist Scruples – family ties

When you had a baby out of wedlock, the father and his family cut you off. Later, the father died in an accident and now his mother wants to know her grandchild. Do you allow it? Was this a one … Continue reading

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I got bored at the meeting last night, actually

And left early. Maybe I was at the wrong table. As a never married woman with no kids, I find it hard to generate interest in discussion about husbands, future husbands, in-laws, ex-in-laws, children, children with allergies, children who aren’t … Continue reading

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If your sex life sucks, go to church?

God is pro sex, according to the Ignite Church of Joplin, Mo. Not only do they have a website advertising this notion but they’ve put up billboards to sell the idea, too. Proper, heterosexual, married sex obviously, but still. They’re … Continue reading

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Should kids (and parents) be more accountable?

This from the CBC yesterday – a pack (no better word) of little shits spent three days willfully damaging a summer camp for learning disabled kids in Northern Saskatchewan. An eight year old drove a school bus into the trees, … Continue reading

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The pitfalls of parenting

A Freethinker friend of mine (I label her that way since that’s where I first met her) included a link on Facebook to this fascinating article from New York Magazine: Why Parents Hate Parenting. It’s long but certainly well worth … Continue reading

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Another stupid teacher persecution story

Again I ask, what makes this news worth following, Associated Press? What makes this news? Her parents say a New Jersey elementary school teacher told a third-grader the Bible was inappropriate reading material for quiet time. Michelle Jordat tells MyFoxNY.com … Continue reading

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Dealing with death

My local Freethinkers had a meeting about this topic today and one of the guys shared a few quotes about death and dying, including this one attributed to Albert Einstein: “Our death is not an end if we can live … Continue reading

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Research proves it, tv is “detrimental”

What is it now, you ask? A recent study into parents, toddlers, and attentiveness has led to expected results. Science Daily includes the journal information at the bottom of their report on it for those interested in seeking the whole … Continue reading

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Too many snowflakes make an avalanche

And for a teacher already snowed under, an unexpected encounter with a motivational speaker allowed her see the snowplow she never noticed before — quit catering to kids who won’t try. had I heard that message years ago, it would … Continue reading

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