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Can’t your god make a better miracle than poop stains in a diaper?

It was making headlines recently, a poop smear in the shape of a cross in a newborn baby’s diaper. Big poopie whoopie. Wonkette reports via Patheos that the mother, Katy Vasquez, took to Facebook to show the world this miraculous … Continue reading

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Friday funny: another Jesus sighting (but with a twist)

A twist of Japanese roll cake: Usually, Jesus limits his food-based appearances to grilled cheese and Cheetos in certain—shall we say—conservative areas of North America, but it seems like he is making inroads to Asian pastries with an appearance in … Continue reading

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Banana Jesus

Anytime a shape resembling a face turns up on anything, people are going to say it’s Jesus. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this is pretty unoriginal. Says the author of the piece I’ve linked to: If … Continue reading

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Jesus sighted in a moth wing

It’s always Jesus. It’s never going to be some random guy with a beard… From, by no surprise, the Daily Mail reporting from Texas: A Texas woman believes she’s seen the Lord in a bug’s back. Yvonne Esquiline found a … Continue reading

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“minions having intercourse” and other things people look for

There are no pictures of me doing that. It’s not that kind of blog. Been a while since I did a search party, though. Let’s see what’s sending people my way this week: helen keller Satanist 6 google atheist experience … Continue reading

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Pareidolia hair

Looks more like OOOO to me… Kristin Kissee says her hairstyle is divine. As she recovered from rounds of chemotherapy and radiation in a battle against non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Kissee posted a photo to Facebook of her regrown hair in November … Continue reading

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Jesus watches you pee outside and judges you

I’ve been waiting for another case of pareidolia and, by no surprise, the Daily Mail delivers Jesus appearing in the grit and crumble on the side of a take-away Chinese restaurant. Mr Ridley, 39, immediately took a photograph of the … Continue reading

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