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It’s so hard to be that full of elf-loathing

Taking the pun from a friend on Facebook regarding the hilarious story of a church minister who hung one from the roof to make a point. Knudsen’s hatred for the creature he says “comes from the devil” manifested itself in … Continue reading

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When journalists cater to sensationalism…

I’m not a journalist, nor did I ever have much interest in it save for lack of other ideas during career days in junior high. Still, I did go to university (Sociology degree, btw) and can be something of a … Continue reading

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Pink Ouija boards are tacky, but dangerous?

Only if you get clubbed in the head with one. Otherwise they’re just lame games that can freak out your friends during sleepovers. Still, Fox sees fit to make them news anyway. It’s designed for young girls ages 8 and … Continue reading

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Doll mysteriously ages, no one knows why

Yeah, it does sound ripe for an Outer Limits episode or something. The family had put the doll in the attic several years earlier and were unnerved to see how much the thing had changed when they were up there … Continue reading

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