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In terms of comparative religion, why not include paganism?

I watched The Wicker Man recently; the 1973 release, not the Nicholas Cage remake that’s only good to watch for a laugh. Mind you, as an atheist I found humour in the original where I’m sure none was intended at … Continue reading

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Happy Lupricalia everybody!

A site called God Discussion has helpfully compiled several ways various religious groups celebrate Valentine’s day, or not. The Restored Church of God (an offshoot of the former Worldwide Church of God–now named Grace Communion International) thinks nobody should be … Continue reading

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Here be monsters

On early maps, that’s essentially what got written by the cartographers to indicate they were guessing about the edges of the world, or perhaps severely misinformed by well intentioned sailors or what have you. Sometimes they’d decorate the things with … Continue reading

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Which is the right religion for you?

Sounds like a quiz that will provide a few moments of amusement. Statement 9 is an interesting one. The right man is the one who follows rites and customs of his culture. I don’t particularly think that the way many … Continue reading

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Samhain celebrations

I got invited to partake in a Samhain need-fire ceremony Halloween night. According to the e-mail, The purpose of the need-fire is to help cleanse or affirm issues or goals one might have. If you have things/issues you wish to … Continue reading

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I’m always shocked by the Bible…

More specifically, shocked that more people aren’t shocked as well. But, good news is here at last. There’s a book: “Shocked by the Bible: The Most Astonishing Facts You’ve Never Been Told.” by Joe Kovacs I totally have to find … Continue reading

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