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I’d think less of a doctor if he prayed at me.

A doctor goes through however many years of training to get to the point where he could do surgery with his eyes closed (but better the hell not be) yet when push comes to shove, we wind up with patients, … Continue reading

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Wanna know about books I read?

I’ve been doing more reading than blogging lately but I’ve put together some notes about a couple of them. The Authenticity Hoax by Andrew Potter was one I flipped through but didn’t read beginning to end. It mostly focuses on … Continue reading

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I don’t watch Oprah

But now I kind of wish I’d seen her “Behind Closed Doors” episode because it was all about sex therapy. Apparently stations that ran the episode are under attack for not rating the show’s contents properly. Last week, an episode … Continue reading

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Counterknowledge is counter-productive

For a thin little book, Damian Thompson stuffed a lot of fascinating things into Counterknowledge. I’ll have to do a series of posts to do it proper justice. The point of the book is to illustrate the flawed and faked … Continue reading

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Top 100 books, apparently

The Sydney Morning Herald has a bizarre list of top books on their website. I think this is seriously flawed. The Herald doesn’t even bother reporting how the list was generated. Is it rated by overall sales? E-mailed submissions? Picked … Continue reading

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Oprah’s mom can’t afford clothing?

Mind you, aside from Oprah and other highly paid performers, who would be able to pay $150,000 (or more) to a high-end clothing store? Oprah Winfrey’s mother should not have to pay a high-end fashion store the more than $150,000 … Continue reading

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