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Richard Dawkins VS William Lane Craig – who cares?

Lots of people, probably. Dawkins recently admitted the reason he won’t debate the guy and it has to do with the apparent condoning of child massacre in the bible. Lane Craig claims it’s because God had the right to do … Continue reading

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Coming soon to Canada: Rate your Pastor

Sometime in the spring there may be a site available for Canadians to have a say in how well or poor their pastors are doing. Germany is ahead on this with their “Hirten Barometer — Shepherd Barometer, in English” and … Continue reading

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What is the purpose of church? Depends who you ask

I found a new opinion piece put together by Leon Fontaine at the Winnipeg Sun. I wrote a reply to something else he published recently regarding faith and I’m game for another go. We live in a world where many … Continue reading

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1minion pretends to debate an atheist ad complainer

Pretending obviously because the column itself was written long before I woke up this morning. It’s by someone named Michael Coren, who also has a blog, but not one I’ve ever read before. So, onto the Toronto Sun article and … Continue reading

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Quotable letter to the editor

I don’t tend to read our local paper, but the other night at the atheism lecture, someone from the audience mentioned a letter that had been printed by the Saskatoon Star Phoenix that was sure to get seen and talked … Continue reading

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Yes, I must tackle the “pressing challenges” of faith groups…

How can I not!? This is brilliant! Praise be to the Flying Spaghetti Monster, blessed be his noodly internet appendages which have pulled me in the direction of this article! It’s quite the pile of blog fodder! Ramen, my brothers … Continue reading

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Quotable open mind

I quote from this: I know many Christians who learn to defend their faith by reading the works of Christian philosophers. Personally, I prefer to read the works of committed atheists such as Ayn Rand (who offers some of the … Continue reading

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