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It’s a new year, so there’s a new end of the world prediction

Mark your calendars for June 24th 2018. And then on June 25th, guess when the updated world ending prediction will drop. I’m gonna guess October 27. As good a date as any. This is old news from the start of … Continue reading

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November is the month for soulmates, apparently

I’m thinking the only reason to follow the Idealist page on Facebook (notice me not linking to it) is for the wacky junk they’re posting. This is another from the “don’t quote me!” website Earth We Are One. Once again … Continue reading

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The universe is not trying to tell you anything

The website YouCantBreakMe threw this article under the entertainment section. It’s entertaining, all right, and also eye rolling. If you see repeating numbers (like on a digital clock – 11:11) it means the universe has message for you! Did you … Continue reading

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I feel kind of bad for Reverend Peter Anamo

Maybe he’s getting more press locally in Ghana, but there’s not a lot to be found online about him and his predictions for the end of the world this month. Harold Camping and his followers certainly knew how to stir … Continue reading

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So here it is, “Christmas” day

Why the quotes around Christmas? Because celebrating Christ’s birth on this day was so late to happen, it’s obvious the day itself has nothing to do with Christ, save the meaning people have given it. From the Biblical Archeology Review … Continue reading

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“It’s the end of the world!” “Again?”

Buffy: I told you. I said end of the world and you’re like “pooh, pooh, Southern California, pooh, pooh.” Giles: I’m so very sorry. My contrition completely dwarfs the impending apocalypse. I never resist the urge to quote Buffy. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Why 09/09/09 isn’t so special…

I got thinking yesterday – if atheists got it into their heads to create a calendar and declare someone else’s birth year to be year Zero (or One), who’d the get honours? My personal vote would go to Epicurus, and … Continue reading

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