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Question of atheist scruples – journalism edition

What a time to be around, eh? Trump? Acosta? Brexit? Ford? Emails? What’s news these days without some kind of craptacular scoop just waiting to be reported on? A great time for journalism — at least in some countries… Anyway, … Continue reading

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Another reminder not to believe everything on the internet.

I just wrote about this, too, but now it appears the whole anti-Christian Viking company vs Christian chick was kind of a sham. The CBC’s investigative reporter, Natalie Clancy, got her initial story half-right. Bethany was the subject of an … Continue reading

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Not even pareidolia eggplant

This one fell to the bottom of my drafts folder but any time is a good time for mocking journalism and the willingness to make a story out of anything. I wouldn’t buy this tale for a nickel. Slicing into … Continue reading

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Linkskrieg! (Second pass)

More things I never made time to write about. 1. “Unnecessary conflict” between science and evangelicalism: This is not to say that I want to reject reason or science – quite the contrary! My point here is that understanding distinction … Continue reading

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“funny headlines are serious business”

I quote an article from the Atlantic where there’s some concern over what guides an audience to an article online. In early days of paper publishing, a pithy headline was a guaranteed eye-catcher. These days, though… Despite the fact that … Continue reading

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What we have here, God, is a failure to communicate

I see Glenn Beck’s claiming God might be trying to send us a message using earthquakes instead of something a little less death-inducing like Twitter. As survivors of Friday’s devastating Japan earthquake try to pick up the pieces of their … Continue reading

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The One Minion Search Party (Saskatchewan Library Week edition)

Yeah, it’s a two-for-one special. Lucky you! what’s the best book you ever hated J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye. I fail to see why anyone still points to it as a great work of fiction. I think it’s a … Continue reading

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