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Justin Trottier will be in Saskatoon

Trottier is coming by from the Centre for Inquiry and the Saskatoon Freethinkers have arranged for him to give a talk at Rusty McDonald Library this Friday at 6pm on the New Age movement and science. It should be a … Continue reading

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Wherein 1minion learns of gem power

I know someone who I’d consider a wee bit pagan, or at least into the New Age woo enough to be close. I think she’s aware of my skeptical attitude toward that stuff, but it doesn’t get in the way … Continue reading

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“You have a meaningful life when you live a symbolic life…”

Apparently labyrinths have seen an increase in popularity — not those tipsy marble maze boxes, but the people-sized ones that can be walked around while contemplating life, the universe and everything. It must be true; the Denver Post says so. … Continue reading

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So here it is, “Christmas” day

Why the quotes around Christmas? Because celebrating Christ’s birth on this day was so late to happen, it’s obvious the day itself has nothing to do with Christ, save the meaning people have given it. From the Biblical Archeology Review … Continue reading

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More about syncretism

From Christianity Today about the Nigerian preacher and the chopped off head found in his possession, they quote Benjamin-Lee Hegeman, a former missionary to West Africa: “Some people call it syncretism, but it may be more like dual religious allegiance, … Continue reading

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I guess he really did read the future in his Tarot cards…

Here’s a news bulletin. Don’t believe a man who says his Tarot cards indicate you should have sex with him like this girl did. “He was reading my cards and told me that I wasn’t on a good path and … Continue reading

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The One Minion Search Party, volume 18

Someone asked a search engine do you really need a god to be religious so let’s look at that. Religions in general require belief and acceptance of at least one god but it looks like it also depends on the … Continue reading

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How do you say “Quack” in Russian?

I don’t mean the duck noise, I mean in terms of alternative healing woo gurus. Russia’s government gave a guy named Mikhail Fadkin license to practice “bio-energy field” healing and just what the hell is that supposed to be? “Every … Continue reading

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And while waiting for Armageddon…

… why not check out our gift shop? Corwin Springs, USA – They’re still ready for Armageddon at the Church Universal and Triumphant, a religious sect that for almost two decades has kept a bomb shelter stocked for 750 people … Continue reading

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Equal rights for extra-terrestrials

The extraterrestrial Church of Summum is in the news: A couple of decades after a visit from “beings Extraterrestrial” inspired him to found the Church of Summum in 1975, Summum Bonum Amen Ra, born Claude Nowell and known as Corky, … Continue reading

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