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Siberia cursed by ancient mummy? Of course not

According to a recent article provided by the Daily Mail, the mummified remains of a Siberian princess are to blame for earthquakes and flooding in the region. Supposedly, it’s some kind of curse. Why does the Mail focus first on … Continue reading

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First off, don’t equate gay marriage with tsunamis

I’ve never heard of John Stonestreet but he has an article up on Christianheadlines.com to advertise his new book titled Same-Sex Marriage: A Thoughtful Approach to God’s Design for Marriage. Like a tsunami, so-called gay marriage has swept aside just … Continue reading

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Illinois Baptists to flood victims with the Good News…

It’s bad enough that the Mississippi River is up to five times the width it usually is and flood water may take as long as a month to recede in some places but now I read that the faithful are … Continue reading

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“Don’t blame God for world’s heartaches”

Rev. Jeff Barnes of Newsong Fellowship Church has a piece in his local paper with the same title and it’s worth some comments from this peanut gallery. The question that inevitably surfaces is, “Why doesn’t God keep all these bad … Continue reading

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Rapture came early to the Bible belt in the shape of 110 tornadoes

An Australian journalist and her husband were in Birmingham, Alabama to cover a couple stories. Jennifer Cooke called the experience “surreal” and wound up huddled in her hotel bathtub as the tornado spun its way through town. “It was thrilling … Continue reading

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Quotable Kwaku Ba

That’s not nonsense language in the post title, it’s someone’s name, the author of an article explaining why earthquakes happen and why the Bible is a bad source for a geology lesson. He gives some examples from the book, like … Continue reading

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What we have here, God, is a failure to communicate

I see Glenn Beck’s claiming God might be trying to send us a message using earthquakes instead of something a little less death-inducing like Twitter. As survivors of Friday’s devastating Japan earthquake try to pick up the pieces of their … Continue reading

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If “Jesus is Alive and Living in Australia”…

he had the whole ocean to walk on. Why did he have to flood the place? Anyway, while I dislike the title of this article, I’ll still quote from it. At the time of writing, 50,000 Brisbane residents had signed … Continue reading

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Pope dedicates “special thought” to Haiti. So what?

It’s been a year since an earthquake toppled much what was standing on the island of Haiti and have yet to dig out from under it all. Maybe they never will. But while they aren’t making much a dent in … Continue reading

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The Christchurch earthquake “miracle”

God gets a bit of credit for not killing anybody during that 7.1 quake but the Times article also mentions that it hit during the night while people were sleeping. God must love Kiwi’s more then, because the one in … Continue reading

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