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Washington has a Museum of the Bible now

Yay? Road trip, anyone? Gee, I have so much holiday time left but zero ambition to visit that. It’s eight floors of Bible goodness, right there in D.C. But, as I’ve learned, there’s some concern over how the museum acquired … Continue reading

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Siberia cursed by ancient mummy? Of course not

According to a recent article provided by the Daily Mail, the mummified remains of a Siberian princess are to blame for earthquakes and flooding in the region. Supposedly, it’s some kind of curse. Why does the Mail focus first on … Continue reading

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The one true god has finally made an appearance

It’s Ganesh. Minus a couple arms, but it’s definitely Ganesh and Oakville, Ontario police are perplexed as to why he’s appeared unannounced in the parking lot of the local museum. It’s a 500 pound marble statue and turned up on … Continue reading

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I always wondered how it was decided what Jesus looked like

Not enough to do any research, but just kind of wondered. Now I know: To avoid creative interpretation, the church dictated that depictions of Jesus follow very strict guidelines: “His hair is the color of ripe hazelnut, parted on the … Continue reading

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Still wishing I’d get to see the “Treasures of Heaven” exhibit

The British Museum will be showing off Christian clap-trap relics over the course of the exhibit. The Independent has an article featuring one of the pieces on loan from the Vatican, the so-called “Holy Towel of Jesus.” It is Jesus’s … Continue reading

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I’d love to see the Treasures of Heaven exhibit in London

I’m fascinated by the concept of religious relics. I doubt the validity of any claim put to them about their origins but I love the fact that people have hung onto an old thorn simply because they thought Jesus bled … Continue reading

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Thomas Jefferson’s edited bible gets restoration treatment

I didn’t know the thing existed, myself, but apparently he sliced up a few different versions of the New Testament and reassembled the parts chronologically to follow Christ’s life up to his crucifixion. He also eliminated everything theological from the … Continue reading

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