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Addictive authors I’ve been reading

Carol O’Connell and her Mallory books: Stories revolve around murders and a group of NYC detectives. One in particular is Kathleen Mallory who’s had a checkered past as a runaway, street rat, thief, hacker, dark horse, and overall enigma. The … Continue reading

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Busy book readin’

I’ll do up some proper “reviews” later, but I’m really digging into some interesting murder mysteries these days. The fictional kind. Although, the library did just get the new book The Man from the Train that touches on the Villisca … Continue reading

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I wanted one more day off but this is too appalling to ignore

Parents in the Uganda capital are freaking out right now because of fears that witch doctors will steal their children away and kill them for sacrificial luck. People who pay these guys to do this think the sacrifices will make … Continue reading

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When murder is a better option than divorce…

does it take much guessing to figure out if religion is involved in some way? The nice thing about blogging is finding stories I wouldn’t otherwise be reading. The articles themselves aren’t always that nice, sadly, like this piece from … Continue reading

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Terry Jones, book burning, and the need to remain critical

I’ve been reading what others have written about Terry Jones and his decision to post a video of himself putting the Koran on trial and then burning the thing. He couldn’t have known what the Muslim reaction would be a … Continue reading

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Cop kills cop story leads to inevitable questions

Questions like, “But he went to church with me as a boy. How can he be a killer now? No, no, no..” CBC Radio was reporting on the story this morning and that was pretty much all a childhood friend … Continue reading

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Super Scary Saturday (One Minion meets Lisa and the Devil)

I’m the Devil! I’m the Devil! Just kidding! It’s only Minion and her markers making me look like the Devil! Minion is a silly sort, isn’t she? I hope her strange sense of humour hasn’t put you off. Anyway, Minion … Continue reading

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It’s somehow worse when it “could” be based on a true story

I watched Them last night. Not the 1954 film with the delightful formic invaders, but a French film done in 2006. The makers claim it was based on a true story. It helps sell the fear of “it could happen … Continue reading

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