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Morality Movie Monday – A Christmas Story

This was never a classic piece of Christmas entertainment while I was growing up; I was nine in 1983 when this movie came out, but my local channels relied on Alastair Sim, Jimmy Stewart, Boris Karloff and whoever starred in … Continue reading

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Nobody needs to save Christmas, least of all Kirk Cameron

My movie group talked over the whole of the film Saving Christmas today. Produced and directed and starring Darren Doane and a fair chuck of his and Cameron’s relatives, what we did pay attention to was a ham-handed, heavy-handed attempt … Continue reading

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We’ll be Saving Christmas today

Okay, not really, but my movie group is getting together to watch this Kirk Cameron from 2014 and, out of curiosity, I checked if there was a drinking game for it. Of course there is: The site offers a rundown … Continue reading

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Watch the film Your Name

Watch it in Japanese with subtitles because the English dub is never good enough, to my mind. Bawled by eyes out watching this wonderful, sad, beautiful picture this weekend. Cannot put into words how it much moved me. Mitsuha and … Continue reading

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Today’s found on Facebook – God’s Not Dead creators break Thou Shalt Not Steal commandment

Via The Wrap: The people behind the faith-based film “God’s Not Dead” might want to start praying. Pure Flix Entertainment and its co-founder, David A.R.White, have just been slapped with a lawsuit over the 2014 hit — and the plaintiffs … Continue reading

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X-Men advertisers make giant billboard misstep

CBC reports that Toronto wound up with several of these brainless billboards advertising the newest of the X-Men franchise. So we have here a giant armoured up dude strangling the crap out of a dainty naked lady. My trim/enlargement of … Continue reading

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Question of Atheist Scruples – even I know stealing is wrong

You find merchandise which you know your teenage daughter stole from the store where she works. She denies it and continues to steal. As a last resort, do you inform her employer? Hells, yes. I’d try and set up a … Continue reading

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Question of Atheist Scruples – the gift

I’m a fan of old pop songs but by all the Flying Spaghetti Monster calls noodly goodness, this song is.. well.. icky. A girl dumps him and all he can think is to insult her for it. Maybe that’s part … Continue reading

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I put a request in to borrow God’s Not Dead

Only because I’m blogging again, I assure you. I have plans to try playing BINGO with it. I looked around online for cards that I might be able to use as I watch the film. I’m torn between this one … Continue reading

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Robin Williams, I hardly knew you

His death was news everywhere yesterday. He’d had trouble with depression and substance abuse and last month had decided to go back to a treatment program. Something happened between that hopeful decision and yesterday when he took his own life. … Continue reading

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