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Quotable cowbells

No, I’m sorry. I misread it. It’s Kbells (sic throughout): I kind of have a problem with discrimination laws in general. Is it really the Governments business who I hire or rent to? Theses laws have some employers reluctant to … Continue reading

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Can you encourage the future while hugging the past?

In order to read the whole article, I’d have to buy a subscription. But there’s no way I’m going to pay for more of this: Man carries Gospel coast to coast in covered wagon By Kay Campbell HAZEL GREEN, Ala. … Continue reading

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All I know about Mormons I got from Chick Tracts

Actually, I lie, but I’m sure that got someone’s attention. The Visitors happens to be one of the first Jack Chick tracts I ever came across and I thought it was hilarious. Jewish folk aren’t laughing right now, though. Mormons … Continue reading

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