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Atheist Scruples: Church costs too much! Tear it down!

Actually, that headline is just for the clicks. This is a big issue in terms of history and traditions versus practicality and costs. The gracious old church where you worship is an inspiration, but the declining church membership can’t support … Continue reading

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Jim Bakker sells survival gear now because armageddon

In the States right now it’s National Preparedness Month and this time of year can bring the end-of-the-world folks out of their bunkers. In 2009 I wrote about the Survival Seed Bank and in 2010 Survivor Mall got the nod. … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples: how to get ahead in business

The question may be a bit out of date: You are an illustrator struggling for recognition. You can’t get past a secretary to see an editor. Do you lie and say a prominent critic sent you? These days it’s less … Continue reading

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It’s a ghost town around here

The Man and I took a few days to relax sans internet at his folks’ cabin north of the city. He did find a sweet spot on the deck which worked to check a few messages with his phone but … Continue reading

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Atheist scuples: restaurant etiquette

As a houseguest, you are showing appreciation by taking your hosts to an expensive restaurant. A friend of theirs joins the party. Do you also pay for the friend? First off, I’d think the friend was pretty damned rude for … Continue reading

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I’m selfish and I’m a liar, but good news!

I’m being prayed for tonight. The Man dropped the Little Man off at his mom’s on the way to work today so I took the opportunity of a Sunday to myself to go to a movie (How to Train Your … Continue reading

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Quotable comment: help the poor (somehow) with Jesus

This comment was left on a post recently but it has nothing to do with the post itself so instead of replying with a comment there, I made a new post to share my thoughts on it. Help the poor … Continue reading

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