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Churches would love all youth to see Soul Surfer

Not just because Bethany Hamilton’s story of triumph over adversity is admirable, but because the makers of the film (and her parents themselves) made sure the audience would know just how wonderfully Christian she is, thus should use the movie … Continue reading

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“Be careful who you agree with”

Especially when it’s an author pushing her religious beliefs through what sounds like a positive thinking manual. Alice Maryniuk is the author of Thinking for a Change: Transforming Your Life by Transforming Your Thoughts I suspect for Maryniuk, the change … Continue reading

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Faced with a gun, I think I’d say, “Okay! Okay! You’re Jesus!”

Based on the ads accompanying this article, I’m assuming this took place in Seymour, Missouri. Parents returned home to find their son and their gun waiting for them. Zakariah Jacob Evitt, a decorated army veteran, had recently come to the … Continue reading

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Ever been skeptical of repressed memory? You weren’t wrong

It’s good to know people look into this stuff and want to challenge perceptions about how memory works and how memory can be manipulated. In a briefing to the US Supreme Court, Professor Richard McNally from Harvard University described the … Continue reading

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I put a hold on “Crazy Like Us” just now

I heard an interview on the radio with the author this morning. I’d seen the book go by at work and thought it looked interesting. Hearing Ethan Watters talk about his book and what he was coming across while writing … Continue reading

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Why “Personal Attractiveness” is used to sell more than cars

A Facebook/Freethinker friend of mine posted an ad for a local company’s weight loss program. Well, I say program. What it actually markets is the never ending dream of being thin at any cost. The company promotes bariatric surgery as … Continue reading

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Sounds of Sunday – Revolver, my first Beatles album

Seriously, it is. But, let me explain that a little – it’s not like most of their songs haven’t been played on classic stations (my favourite kind) for decades now anyway. They’re not unknown to me. I don’t put the … Continue reading

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The trouble with euthanasia

Saskatoon Skeptics had a pub meeting last night where this was one of the (grim) topics of discussion. By and large, I’m for it, as were the other seven people at the Hose last night. I can’t (and didn’t) give … Continue reading

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How to use Avatar to peddle Christ

That didn’t take long, and I can’t actually say I’m too surprised. Everyone always wants to capitalize on popular things and if you can’t do it with merchandise, then try to reform and co-opt the ideas to suit your immediate … Continue reading

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