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Question of Atheist Scruples — Celebrity-ish amnesia

Christ, I’ll have to edit this card for current stars or else younger audience readers won’t have a clue what the point is. Do you know who Tom Selleck is? Well, he’s been on that Blue Bloods show for a … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples: do your (jury) duty

Today’s question: You are interviewed for jury duty. It will be a long and tedious trial. Do you pretend to have opinions which will disqualify you? I’d say I don’t have to pretend. I wouldn’t say this to avoid jury … Continue reading

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Psychologist underfire for planting satanic cult memories

(Note: This was typed up prior to my hand injury. I like that WordPress lets people schedule posts to run later. Too bad I didn’t see the future and prepare more of these…) That’s Lisa Nasseff’s story and she’s sticking … Continue reading

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What’s behind the veil? Probably nothing.

This is the first I’m hearing of a book called Heaven is for Real: a little boy’s astonishing story of his trip to heaven and back, by the boy’s father, an evangelical pastor named Todd Burpo. So far my library … Continue reading

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Morality Movie Monday – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I’ve been meaning to write about this one which I watched a while back. Done in 2004, it winds up being a strange little story about a couple of people who each have a strange little procedure done to themselves … Continue reading

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Ever been skeptical of repressed memory? You weren’t wrong

It’s good to know people look into this stuff and want to challenge perceptions about how memory works and how memory can be manipulated. In a briefing to the US Supreme Court, Professor Richard McNally from Harvard University described the … Continue reading

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Advice Avenue via Atheist Street no. 5

Here I am, stealing Billy Graham’s mail again. It’s from December 12th: Q: I know God has forgiven me for all the bad things I did when I was young, but will I ever forget them? They haunt me all … Continue reading

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Commandment number 11: Thou shalt not plagiarize

That one must have chipped off when old Moses was lugging those stone tablets down the mountain. During his Conversations with God, author Neale Donald Walsch never talked about the punishment for plagiarizing, I guess. Neale Donald Walsch, author of … Continue reading

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Of the brains of mice and men

While one might wonder what a mouse would want to forget, the implications of someday doing such work on the human brain will have to be considered. I’m suddenly reminded of Men in Black – Jay: Did you ever flashy-thing … Continue reading

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