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Not stopped, just busy

I don’t know what I have for readers anyway, but I’d gone to an auction this weekend for my uncle’s farm/house things. I spent a big chunk of my childhood in that yard, a 10 minute walk from my own … Continue reading

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Question of Atheist Scruples – bad teacher?

One of your professors is an incompetent teacher who grades too easy. Some classmates have a petition demanding his replacement. Do you sign it? Three personal history stories first: First story. My K-7 elementary school didn’t have a French-specialist teacher … Continue reading

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Sounds of Sunday – 30 songs, week 8

This is the end of this, finally. It was a smart idea to pile a bunch of challenges into each week rather than stretch it out any more. Last week we visited moods, including weddings and funerals. This time it’s … Continue reading

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The sounds of Sunday – songs and the heart

The Man asked me on the phone last night if I actually listened to the songs I played every day, or if I just played them for background noise. I think I said something along the lines of yeah, it’s … Continue reading

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