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Billy Graham (or his people) can’t live and let live

DEAR BILLY GRAHAM: My niece is trapped in a really bad relationship (not married, but living together). It has no future, but she refuses to see this. We’ve tried to tell her to get out of the relationship, but she … Continue reading

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God-fearing: how is this a good thing?

I wound up at gotquestions.org when looking up the notion of god-fearing. As an unbeliever it sounds ludicrious to want to be afraid of your own god, unless the whole point of promoting fear is to promote unwavering loyalty and … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples: the alibi

Today’s scenario: A good friend is having an extramarital affair. S/he asks you to provide an alibi. Do you? Short answer, I wouldn’t want to have to lie to anyone. I suck as a liar. I’d need to ask a … Continue reading

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Kentucky church rethinks interracial couple ban

There’s nothing like world-wide exposure to show a community just how out of date, backwards and positively racist its practices are. The story came out last week about Stella Harville’s experience in August. At her rural Kentucky church, she and … Continue reading

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“If he could kill the all first-born children in Egypt what could stop him from…

…abolishing small houses? ” I’m quoting from an article I found about adulterers in Zimbabwe and a female pastor who’s taken it upon herself to rid the country of “small houses” — what these marriage wrecking women are called. Apostolic … Continue reading

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If your sex life sucks, go to church?

God is pro sex, according to the Ignite Church of Joplin, Mo. Not only do they have a website advertising this notion but they’ve put up billboards to sell the idea, too. Proper, heterosexual, married sex obviously, but still. They’re … Continue reading

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Is Chick-fil-A anti gay?

I’ve heard of the restaurant but know nothing about it. It’s made it into headlines recently, though, after one of them in Pennsylvania planned to supply sandwiches to a marriage workshop put on by people who supported traditional (read: biblical) … Continue reading

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