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Old news: Lady Gaga is evil; South Koreans beg God to intervene

Lady Gaga had a concert set up for Seoul back in April but the Korean Association of Church Communities hoped God could do something about that. It’s vital he save the children of South Korea from “being infected with homosexuality … Continue reading

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A music post, for something different

The other day at lunch a bunch of us headed out for a bite at the local Co-op salad bar. A late season fly was lazily turning circles around our table to the delight of the kids who were with … Continue reading

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Sounds of Sunday – 30 songs, week 4

By week four, most people would be near wrapping up their 30 song challenge, but since I’m spreading it out over several weeks, I’m not even to half-way yet. Last time I recalled songs triggered by memories of times and … Continue reading

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Sounds of Sunday – 30 songs, week 2

Last time around, I explained what I was doing, which is expanding a 30 day music meme into ten or so weeks of music amusement. I shared my choices for the first two challenges on the list, my favourite and … Continue reading

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Sounds of Sunday – 30 Day Song Challenge (condensed)

There’s this music meme circulating around Facebook (and possibly other places). Now, I could take a month and do a song a day or even spread this challenge out over thirty weeks, but I’m going to compromise and cheat with … Continue reading

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Quotable Musicians

When will certain people realize An afterlife is nothing to live for Nothing to die for, nothing to fight for If those in this life are not sacred Then nothing that’s a part of it is sacred either If you … Continue reading

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In my defense, I forget people like to copy people

Although in the music industry, it’s called a cover and so long as the original artist (or their heirs/company) gets credit for it, it’s all to the good. A song I’ve adored for years is called “Clothes of Sand.” I … Continue reading

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What do Jolly Old St. Nicholas and Santa have in common?

This is week three of my look at Christmas carols and what would Christmas be without Santa? So, how did Santa come to be? How many different versions of Santa belief are there? It all started with Saint Nick. Jolly … Continue reading

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The One Minion Search Party, volume 2

I’ve seen a few hits devoted to a search for “school days dear old golden” so it I figured it might by worthwhile to post the lyrics to School Days as I learned them: School days, school days Dear old … Continue reading

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Romance is dead, long live Romance

I’m taking a thought from Thinkers’ Podium for this one. Reading through Bruce’s post got me thinking about my own Sturm und Drang. I really think I’m better off flying solo. Yeah, it gets a bit lonely sometimes, but I’ve … Continue reading

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