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Atheist Scruples: war criminals

The question: You have an older acquaintance whom you suspect was a member of the Nazi SS. Do you report him to the authorities? The edition I pull these questions from came from the mid 1980s so sometimes the questions … Continue reading

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Homophobe/homophone — or, why literacy is really important

Too funny. Sad for the guy who got fired, but funny for why. Homophones, as any English grammarian can tell you, are words that sound the same but have different meanings and often different spellings — such as be and … Continue reading

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Memo to self: promote more books

As evidenced by the “massive” upticks in hits today, it’s clear that book promotion has a big influence on traffic. I prefer those hits over the many searches for “Helen Keller satanist” that have also led to me. I’m grateful … Continue reading

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tiz the season for book memes

Not that I’d put any of these on my Saturnalia wishlist (mostly because what I like I already own), but let’s have at it (found via Micheal at a Nadder): Bold for those you’ve read fully, italics for partially read. … Continue reading

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Knowledge vs spectacle

Alternet ran a good piece recently about the media circus and the price viewers will pay by believing everything they see (breaks added). Mass entertainment plays to the basest and crudest instincts of the crowd. It conditions us to have … Continue reading

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Word on the Street is on in Saskatoon today

This sounds like fun. Saskatoon & Region Family Literacy Advisory Group will be hosting an informal, fun information area to promote several of its local literacy organizations. On behalf of this group, staff from READ Saskatoon and the Saskatoon Public … Continue reading

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Mom breaks library law; won’t return “offensive” books

She’s breaking bigger laws, too, as far as that goes. I’d found the article earlier this month but any day is a good day to talk about censorship. The story comes out of Florida: Longwood parent Tina Harden was so … Continue reading

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Any Saskatchewan Library users reading this?

I don’t have all the details yet and so anyone in province who knows more about it can enlighten me, but I’ll explain what I know is coming up. I don’t think this includes the university libraries but the rest … Continue reading

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Illiteracy should alarm educators anyway

They don’t mean people who can’t read though. The article is focused on the fact that people who don’t read the bible might not understand biblical references. Is this a bad thing? Bible ignorance can be good for laughs: Half … Continue reading

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Literacy lifts a life

Thanks to a crafty librarian who understood a boy — one who felt he had to steal what he needed lest people know that what he needed was a book. The book was The Treasure of Pleasant Valley — and … Continue reading

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