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Today’s found on Facebook – God’s Not Dead creators break Thou Shalt Not Steal commandment

Via The Wrap: The people behind the faith-based film “God’s Not Dead” might want to start praying. Pure Flix Entertainment and its co-founder, David A.R.White, have just been slapped with a lawsuit over the 2014 hit — and the plaintiffs … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Satan weekend part 1

It’s Satan weekend here. I’m Canadian and for Thanksgiving weekend I’m giving thanks that I live in a country where I’m allowed to be critical of beliefs and poke fun at things in a way that could be considered blasphemy … Continue reading

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To serve and protect drivers from going to hell apparently…

I see this as an abuse of power, personally. Ellen Bogan expects police to protect and serve — not proselytize. But she says Indiana State Police Trooper Brian Hamilton pitched Christianity to her when he pulled her over for an … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples: the one star friend

You are a restaurant critic. A good friend owns a restaurant and asks you to review it. The food is mediocre. Do you say so in the review? Being an honest sort of person, I think I’d have to be … Continue reading

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It’s an exorcism, not a sexorcism

Here’s a news story out of Virginia, where a woman is suing Rev. Thomas Euteneuer, the Catholic priest she’d gone to for an exorcism. According to the suit brought against the Diocese of Arlington (and the anti-abortion group he’d been … Continue reading

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Sexual assault scandal hits religion TV – again

The Trinity Broadcasting Network is under fire at the moment on account of a lawsuit going on. It involves a granddaughter of the network’s founders. Carra Crouch, age 19, is claiming she was raped by a 30 year male employee … Continue reading

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Corporation sued over questioning Christianity

I think I’ve created a misleading headline but here’s the story. Edward Wolfe applied for a job with the Voss Lighting Company of Lincoln, Nebraska and sailed through the first interview. On the second, he claims, is where he ran … Continue reading

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