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When parents pick prayer over health care

Children die, of course. This tragedy occurred in 2013 but is in Calgary court now. According to testimony, Emil and Rodica Radita returned from church to find their 15-year-old son not breathing. They waited 2 whole fucking hours before calling … Continue reading

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Atheist Scruples: Police! Police!

Today’s question: Arriving home late, you see a flashlight in your house and call police. They take an hour to arrive and the thieves escape with your valuables. Do you complain to the civic authorities? In the heat of the … Continue reading

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To serve and protect drivers from going to hell apparently…

I see this as an abuse of power, personally. Ellen Bogan expects police to protect and serve — not proselytize. But she says Indiana State Police Trooper Brian Hamilton pitched Christianity to her when he pulled her over for an … Continue reading

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Guardian angels, road safety and risk taking: connected?

If the details reported by New York Magazine can be believed, then yes. Interviews with 198 people showed that 45 percent believed in “a personal spirit or supernatural power” that watched over them. Further questions were designed to assess the … Continue reading

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Drunken man bathes in church’s holy water

And that’s not all: A Stoney Creek man has been arrested on a series of charges after a drunken rampage through a downtown church – which allegedly included bathing in the holy water, vandalizing religious objects and trying to light … Continue reading

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South Carolina Pastor gets jail time for being too loud in church

Neighbours had complained repeatedly about Johnnie Clark and his “turn it up to 11” approach to his church’s sound system, often running it at crazy volumes for evening services. The police had to go there dozens of times and the … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Pastafarian wears colander in official photo

For the truly dedicated like Shawna Hammond, the colander represents the freedom of religion. I usually wind up finding British papers reporting on this type of story and the same is true here. The Mirror reports: Atheist turned Pastafarian Shawna … Continue reading

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