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Sounds of Sunday – Aesop Rock

The Hubs has an eclectic taste in music so I went to him for suggestions on what I could throw on this week. This artist was the one he went with for someone who isn’t big on rap but likes … Continue reading

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Pakistan’s texting censorship plan backfires

Their initiative to label 1,695 English and Urdu words as too obscene to use in messages was met with a vocal uproar and they’ve since backed off — a bit. “Jesus Christ” were two words they hoped to ban, but … Continue reading

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Banned Book Club – 1984

Before I get into that, a bit of personal housekeeping. The poetry I posted earlier today was written in response to some emotional turmoil I went through this past year. Longtime readers may recall mention of someone only ever referred … Continue reading

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Yes, but the Maori weren’t always Christian…

Prior to 1769, they faithfully followed the beliefs and traditions of their ancestors. They’re only Christian now because European explorers wound up there and radically changed their lives and the course of their future. The “focal role of Christian faith … Continue reading

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More proof that bible translation makes a difference

I found an interesting article by Suzette Martinez Standring that takes on the idea of repenting and what Jesus’ original intent might have been. Standring reports on a book she read recently about the translation from Greek into Latin and … Continue reading

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PETA to take up battle against gender pronouns in the Bible

Why would they care about that? Apparently some in the group are tired of seeing the bible refer to an animal as “it” instead of “he” or “she.” Yes. Really. These members of PETA are concerned that continued use of … Continue reading

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So, it’s Atheist Week

Those in love with twitter are to use @AWeekOnFacebook and #aweek11 if they want to find out more and discuss and share more for others. Those addicted to Facebook can do the same here. Why? To help raise awareness of … Continue reading

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Weighing in on a sexism issue

There’s been a discussion/airing of grievances going on regarding a recent panel discussion at an atheist conference and the treatment of women there and elsewhere. Things got testy after some suggestions were made about women and men, and how each … Continue reading

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The King James Bible turns 400 this year

I see a 340 year old bible was found in Wisconsin recently. Some might argue that a 340-year-old Bible wouldn’t have a significant difference from a Bible printed today. But Martin Luther was translating Latin into German. Neither language phrases … Continue reading

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A couple upcoming events of note

One’s international and one’s local. The first is International Literacy Day (page has some amusingly ironic spelling errors) which hits on September 8th. Mostly it’s a day to promote awareness of the need to support literacy and education across the … Continue reading

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