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January 24, 2012

A Florida teenager who called 911 last week asked police to place her in a Christian children’s shelter because she “heard her mother having sex.”

Why? She felt “disrespected” by it.

The mother explained to police that she had invited her boyfriend over and “sometime during the visit, her daughter heard them having sex and became upset.” The woman added that “their bedrooms are next to each other and she didn’t intend to wake her daughter up.”

After speaking with a representative from the shelter, the teen decided that she did not want to leave her home because “it was almost time for school.”

The family admitted no sexual abuse was going on in the household but I gather that for a 15 year old, hearing one’s mother have sex might almost count as psychological abuse. Nobody wants to picture their parents’ sex life…

Old news: kids suspended for Tebowing during school hours

January 23, 2012

Tebowing, if a definition is needed, is the practice of behaving the way Tim Tebow does when he prays during his Denver Bronco football games, obvious and down on one knee as if being watched by an audience is the most important part of the prayer. It’s the new planking, and just as ridiculous. People take pictures of other people doing it. It’s light mockery and meant to be for fun. There are so many other things a person could do for fun, but whatever. The story:

Two Riverhead High School football players were suspended for a day because the school said they created a potentially dangerous situation by leading other students in a re-enactment of NFL quarterback Tim Tebow’s kneeling in prayer.

School officials said an estimated 40 students had gathered in the hallway this week to make the gesture

The principal, David Wicks, made the argument that in a school with 1500 kids, having 40 taking up space in a hallway (for what’s essentially a pointless endeavor at that) could constitute a safety hazard. If a smoke alarm had gone off and people needed to vacate in a hurry, there could have been injuries. It also made some kids late for class and had the potential to create aggressive situations.

According to their dad, the brothers who were suspended apparently weren’t told by anyone official at the school to stop the display. Superintendent Nancy Carney, on the other hand, said that the pair were insubordinate and “had been warned not to do it anymore” which makes it sound like this wasn’t the first time they got their friends together for a performance. I guess fairness could be debated. They do ask a good question – why were they penalized when the rest of their classmates got away with it? But, if they were the ringleaders, then maybe without them egging kids on, maybe nobody else would have come up with the idea and gone through with it during school hours. Out on the football field or in the yard, do whatever silly thing you want to do. In a hallway, just use it to get to class.

Virgin Mary? I think it looks like the aura around a…

January 11, 2012

penis actually. But check out the picture yourself and see what you think.

According to the article:

An Ybor City restaurant’s name has taken on a new meaning after some say the image of the Virgin Mary appeared on one of its walls.

The restaurant is Hamburger Mary’s and the image first got attention over the weekend after some customers noted its appearance on a stainless steel plate on the wall near the kitchen.

“From certain angles it does look like the Virgin Mary,” says acting manager Melanie Todd. “I never have noticed it myself, before [this weekend].”

This isn’t the first time the Blessed Virgin has appeared on an inanimate object in Tampa Bay. For several years an image said to be her adorned the glass windows of a Clearwater office building. Vandals destroyed the several of the windows in 2004.

Todd says the image at the restaurant — known for its gay karaoke and drag queen bingo nights — reminds her of that earlier appearance in Clearwater. “Everybody is curious to see it,” she says. “It’s a true image, it really is.”

A true image insofar as the pattern is truly there on the wall, not a photograph doctored after the fact. But truly the Virgin Mary? Poppycock.

Okay, so it isn’t always Jesus in the trees

November 18, 2011

Sometimes it’s Bert, from Sesame Street.


A holiday in Dial Up Land

November 10, 2011

What more could 1minion want?
A million dollars and a night on the town
and more fun than one human can stand!

Failing that, at least relaxation.
And family comes with perks and delights
Plus the weather report looks to be gorgeous
and I can’t forget Hoarders, (but can station).

The promises the pro misses

November 8, 2011

Pro? Ha ha.. this here’s strictly amateur hour, but you already knew that.

I’d mentioned a while back that I had a copy of Believing Bullshit kicking around I’d been intending to write about. Apologies to Stephen Law, the author, but I just couldn’t get into it. Maybe I’ll try again sometime, maybe not. I also had a copy of Richard Wiseman’s book, Paranormality, to read but I had to return it to the library before I got a chance to flip through it much. I’ve put another request on it so I should have a copy again soon. I do want to get that one read.

Much easier to keep this promise, though. Last night the Man and I wound up talking about roles Vincent Price had taken on and he suggested I look up this one. Holy stereotypes, Batman!

You can check out parts 1 and 3 if you want them. The main reason I picked this section was for the GHOTI part. I had no idea that silly language trick came out of that show.

Instead of doing something useful…

October 22, 2011

I find this:

funny pictures history - Keep Your Minions Away From My Children!
see more Historic LOL


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