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Quickie story no. 2

Using the cubes again like I did the last time, but only 4 dice. Here goes: The cookies were served on a heart shaped plate, Grandma Charlie’s classic mix of muskrat houses, hermit cookies and ginger snaps. Nine year old … Continue reading

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Quickie Story no. 1

I have a set of Rory Story cubes and the supernatural expansion pack which adds another nine into the mix of possible permutations. Here’s a quick 6 dice story, for lack of other ideas today. I’ll underline the point where … Continue reading

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Photo break

I still have interest in adding stuff to this blog, no worries if I have any regular readers, but I’ve given up on having a specific theme to every post, which has no doubt been noticed. Kidding, of course. I … Continue reading

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Friday funnies – oh wait.. it’s Thursday

Friday as far as I’m concerned. No work for me in the morning. Going to see my folks for the weekend and partake in a family auction for my deceased uncle’s farm equipment and household things. Should be interesting to … Continue reading

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Today’s Facebook Find – best church sign of the day

Via Blasfunny

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Think, think.. use your noodle

Or whatever other appendage… (via)

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Insert art here

For lack of other ideas.

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Today’s Facebook Find – Imagine if you were 9 again

Weird Tales Magazine offered up the following What If recently: You wake up and you are yourself, but nine years old. You know everything you know now. What do you do? Question: have I gone back in time to age … Continue reading

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Today’s found on Facebook – Lego Vatican

Via Inhabitots: The ambitious LEGO display, which recreates St.Mark’s Basilica and Square, includes more than half a million LEGO pieces. The entire creation is rendered in impressive detail from the Corinthian columns to the pristine white building to the guards … Continue reading

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Sounds of Sunday – classic Canadian comedy

The Arrogant Worms and Jesus’ Brother Bob. Look them up if you haven’t heard of them before. Their other songs are pretty good, too.

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